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Ingenieurbüro Kölpin GmbH (Kölpin Engineering Office) was established on 1st August 1996.
The managing director is Dipl. Eng. Hans-Jürgen Kölpin.

Currently there are seven employees working on shipbuilding and plant construction projects.
In this way we can handle specialized tasks in the fields of
shipbuilding theory, piping construction,
machine construction,
mechanical engineering and calculations.

In addition, we work on complex topics such as the production of specifications, theoretical  shipbuilding calculations, heeling tests, entire projects and finished  drawings.
For shipbuilding calculations we use the innovative program “Tribon InitialDesign” as well the widely used program “AutoCAD” on our modern  CAD workstations.

At the request of the customer, we can produce the calculations for a tender for plant  construction. We can also work with clients who are  physically located a long way from us by using the latest  networking communications technologies.
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