Schiffstechnische und theoretische Aufgabenkomplexe der IBK GmbH - IBK GmbH Rostock

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Shipbuilding and theoretical assignments

        • General drafting and project planning work
        • Production of construction descriptions and explanatory reports
        • Production of object-related compilation of regulations
        • Devising trial and testing programs
        • Production of line drawings and their measures

        • Implementation of general planning work
        • Drawing up plans for ship overviews and safety when damaged
        • Generation of stowage, docking and tank plans
        • Calculations of consumption of consumables
        • Calculations of dimensions and midpoints

        • Calculations of freeboard
        • Calculations of tonnage
        • Calculations for launching
        • Heeling test limiting curve calculations
        • Implementation and evaluation of heeling tests                                          
                                                 An example look:  

        • Drawing up stability manuals, including bending moments in smooth water
        • Calculation of the stability of the ship when damaged
        • Calculation of hydrostatic data
        • Product of tank content graphs, tables and sounding tables

        • Rough calculations for resistance and propulsion
        • Drawing up fire protection and safety plans
        • Production of drawings by means of "AutoCAD"
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