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Piping and machine construction design work

        • Production of tendering calculations for the design of ships and industrial plant                             
        • Handling projects                             
        • Producing rebuilding specifications, construction specifications and explanatory reports
        • Compilation of regulations                             
        • Devising trial and testing programs

        • Drawing up fire protection and safety plans                             
        • Making piping layout and arrangement diagrams, with dimensions                                      
        • Determination of pressure losses                             
        • Calculation of heat and temperature losses                             
        • Design of piping and piping elements

        • Production of documentation for piping, including isometries                             
        • Construction drawings for machine units to be produced                             
        • Determination and substitution of requirements for materials                             
        • Drawings for cutouts and coordination                             
        • Design of pumps and motors

        • Electrical balances                                      
        • Machine room arrangement drawings                             
        • Production of drawings by means of "AutoCAD"

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